An efficient concurrent access on cloud database using secureDBAAS
Abstract—Cloud services provide high availability and scalability, but they raise many concerns about data confidentiality. SecureDBaas guarantees data Confidentiality by allowing a database server for execute SQL operation over encrypts data and the possibility of executing concurrent operation on encrypts data. It’s supporting geographically distributed clients to connect with an encrypt database, and for execute an independent operation including those modifying the database structure. The proposed architecture has the advantage of eliminating proxies that limit the several properties that are intrinsic in cloud-based solutions. SecureDBaas that support the execution of concurrent and independent operation for the remote database from many geographically distributed clients. It is compatible for the most popular relational database server, and it is applicable for different DBMS implementation. It provides guarantees for data confidentiality by allowing a cloud database server for execute SQL operation over encrypts data.
Index Terms — Database, SecureDBaaS, Cloud, Security
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