Area Delay Power Efficient and Implementation of Modified Square-Root Carry Select Adder Architecture
Abstract: In VLSI Technology, Carry Propagation Delay is the most important concern for the Adders. Adder is the most unavoidable component for the arithmetic performances. This paper is Modified Square Root-Carry Select Adder (SQRT-CSLA) design reduces the delay with 16 bit adder. Carry select adder have two units for Carry Generation (CG) and Carry Selection (CS). The modified SQRT-CSLA design can gives parallel path for carry propagation. So the overall adder delay has reduced. Modified design is obtained using Ripple Carry Adder (RCA) with Boolean Excess-1 Converter (BEC). BEC produces an output i.e., is an excess one result for given input bits. Then input bits and BEC output is given to multiplexer for carry selection. Use of BEC instead of dual RCA gives efficient carry propagation delay and it consumes the lower power and overall gates using in design is reduced with compared to carry select adder with dual RCA. The final sum is calculated using final sum generation.
Index Terms— RCA, BEC with MUX and Modified SQRT-CSLA
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