Ontology Based Approach for Semantic Information Retrieval System
Abstract—The Information retrieval system is taking an important role in current search engine which performs searching operation based on keywords which results in an enormous amount of data available to the user, from which user cannot figure out the essential and most important information. This limitation may be overcome by a new web architecture known as the semantic web which overcome the limitation of the keyword based search technique called the conceptual or the semantic search technique. Natural language processing technique is mostly implemented in a QA system for asking user’s questions and several steps are also followed for conversion of questions to the query form for retrieving an exact answer. In conceptual search, search engine interprets the meaning of the user’s query and the relation among the concepts that document contains with respect to a particular domain that produces specific answers instead of showing lists of answers. In this paper, we proposed the ontology based semantic information retrieval system and the Jena semantic web framework in which, the user enters an input query which is parsed by Standford Parser then the triplet extraction algorithm is used. For all input queries, the SPARQL query is formed and further, it is fired on the knowledge base (Ontology) which finds appropriate RDF triples in knowledge base and retrieve the relevant information using the Jena framework.
Index Terms— Semantic web, Ontology, Query processing, Information retrieval, RDF, SPARQL, WordNet, Jena API.
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