A Secure Decision Making Process in Health Care System Using Naive Bayes Classifier
Abstract— A Secure decision support estimation in health care system preserves the seclusion of the patient data, the decision estimation and the server side clinical support system. In order to preserve privacy paillier homomorphic encryption technique is used with naive bayes classification method. Hence the server involved in the diagnosis process is not able to know the diagnosis results of the patients because the patient’s data always continue to exist in an encrypted form even during the recognition process in health care system. To validate the performance, evaluate the method of classification using naive bayes classifier on medical datasets and the accuracy of the results is much better. Secure decision support estimation is a computerized medical diagnosis process for enhancing the health related decisions to improve patient’s health and also provide the more accurate decision in the diagnosis process.
Index Terms— Classification, Clinical decision support, Data mining, Encryption, Naive Bayes classifier, Privacy.
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