A Greedy Heuristic Approach for Sprint Planning in Agile Software Development
Abstract—The sprint planning phase in agile software development has a major impact on the project success. The optimality of a sprint plan depends on several factors of the user stories. The factors are estimated complexity, risk values and business value of the user stories. So these factors must be included in each sprint. To achieve this, planning problem is first converted into a generalized problem. Then the problem is solved using the linear program in IBM ILOG CPLEX optimizer. The feasible value for the large sized problem takes time to compute and cannot be used for operational use. So, Greedy Heuristic approach is given as a proposal to integrate with the CPLEX optimizer to obtain the optimal solution. The computational result of Greedy heuristic is an effective and takes less time than the time taken by CPLEX optimizer.
Index Terms— Agile methods, greedy heuristic, optimization model, scrum framework,sprint planning
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