Embedded Based Wireless ECG System
Abstract— The aim of the paper is to design an embedded based wireless ECG system using IEEE 802.11G. With the emerging application of embedded systems in all the fields, the use of microcontrollers can be applicable to the field of medical sciences. In the conventional ECG system, the system is complex due to the higher number of wires from patient’s body to the monitoring section. And one more disadvantage is that a cardiac specialist cannot monitor all emergency ward patients ECG. At a time, he can monitor only one patient in the hospital. In this paper, we present a design by which the specialist can monitor all patient’s ECG sitting in his room using IEEE 802.11G as main communication between devices and also designed a EMI filter to remove power line interference on ECG signals.
Index Terms— Cardiac specialist, ECG, EMI filter, IEEE 802.11G, Microcontroller, Medical science, power line interference.
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