Issue 1

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1 Modified CI Engine Performance by Varying Injection Timing
Md. Fakhruddin H.N , Srinivas Ragahavan , Dr. Mohammed Yousuf Ali,Dr.Manzoor Hussain
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2 ETRS: E-Textile Rescue System For Defense
Vignesh Raja,M.M.Bharath Kumar , J.Navarajan,L.Ashok Kumar
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3 Design and Analysis of Low Cost Active Steering System
Mr. Bharathraj.J , Mr. S.Arunprasad
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4 A HMM Based Automatic Speech Recognition System to Generate Software R..
Ananya. M.S , Sakthivel.S
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5 3D Doctor-Pancreatic Tumor Detection and Segmentation
V.Vinothini , P.Yuvarani
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6 Mobile Assisted Content Based Plant Image Retrieval System
S.Meenu Nivethitha , Dr.B.Sathya Bama
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7 Star Fractal Antenna and Triangular Slots Embedded With DGS for Super ..
M.Lavanya , S.Sivaranjani
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8 An Explortory Study of Software Reverse Engineering in Security
S.Gowthaman , M.K.Maheentha , R.Malambika
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9 Proximity Malware Attack in Delay Tolerant Network
Anandhi , P. Selvapathmavathi
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10 Response of Slab Form for Different Concrete Pressure
Raghuraj Tamrakar , Ramesh Kannan
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11 Design and Implementation Of Vienna Rectifier For Induction Heating Ap..
Manojmanimaran.S , C.Amutha
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12 Novel Design of VLT CUK Converter
B.Hariprasath , R.Senthilkumar
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13 Monitoring and Controlling the Appliances Remotely
M. Kanmani , V. Vanitha
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14 High Speed Energy Efficient at Idle Slots Mac layer Protocol for Wire..
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15 An FPGA Implementation of Segmentation in Retinal Images
Anu Vincent Mavely , Balaji.K
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