Issue 1

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1 Energy Balancing Technique Using Genetic Algorithm Based Clustering Fo..
L.Rajarajan , T.Sasikala
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2 Isolation Conserves Multi-Keyword Graded Up Encoded Cloud Data
C.Devipriya , S.Kerthy
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3 Evaluation of Joints in the Prefabricated Multi-storey Buildings
T.Teja , DR.I. Yamini Sreevalli
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4 A New Secure Message Transferring in Taxi Service of Vehicular Ad Hoc ..
K.T.Mikel Raj , Dr.R.Radhakrishnan
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5 A Novel Progressive Service Integrity Attestation for Scalable Service..
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6 Microcontroller Harnessed MOSFET Z-Source Matrix Converter
M.Amirtharaj , S.Venkatasubramanian
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7 Isolated Bidirectional Half Bridge Dc-Dc Converter With A Flyback Snub..
M.Meenakshi , L.Kurinji Malar
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8 Energy Efficient Routing Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
L.Muralidharan , N.Selvarasu
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9 Linear Static And Dynamic Analysis Of Shear Wall Building In Different..
G. Nanda Kishore , M. Senthil Pandean , Zaki Ahmed
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10 Studies on Modal Parameters for Identification of Damage in Unreinforc..
Jayashree.V , Arun Sundaram , Parivallal S
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11 Behavior of Non Metallic Reinforcement (FRP) In Beam
R. Ram manohar , D.Claudia Jeyapushpa
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12 Novel SEC-DAEC-DNAEC Correction Codes Derived From Orthogonal Latin Sq..
Stephie Hennah. J , Augustine Fletcher
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13 Behavior of Plain and Reinforced Concrete Slab with Slot Subjected to ..
Chaitali Rathod , A. K. Farvaze Ahmed
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14 Machine Vision Based Automated Color Inspection And Sorting
Pearl Mary S , C. Mahesh
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15 Z-Score based Fuzzification process for pattern Classification
Kavitha.S , Manjula Devi.R
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