Issue 2

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1 Study on Microstructure and machining characteristics of 7% B4Cp reinf..
Sachin Kumar , P S Ranjan , V Auradi
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2 Design of Rear wing for high performance cars and Simulation using Com..
T.Maniraj , S.Sathishkumar
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3 Design and Analysis of Turbine Blades in a Micro Gas Turbine Engine
Lakshmy Devi.S.M
170-173 Click Here
4 Techniques for Minimizing Power Consumption in DFT during Scan Test Ac..
Mathavi.A , Hema.B
174-177 Click Here
5 Design and Implementation of Efficient Routers in NoC Application
Ms.M.Priyanka , Ms.R.Subhashini
178-183 Click Here
6 Arm Based Real Time Monitoring and Controlling of Industrial Parameter..
184-187 Click Here
7 Power minimization of systems using Performance Enhancement Guaranteed..
Jayaseeli pratheepa J , Rajalakshmi R. M.Tech
188-191 Click Here
8 Enhanced Hashing Approach For Image Forgery Detection With Feature Lev..
G. Mathumitha , R. Murugesan
192-194 Click Here
9 A Comprehensive Approach for Multi Biometric Recognition Using Sclera ..
N. Prasath , M. Sivakumar
195-198 Click Here
10 An Efficient Decoding Algorithm for Concatenated Turbo-Crc Codes
V.Muneeswaran , R.Rajprabu
199-202 Click Here
11 An Efficient Dual Mode Addition with Dual Mode Logic
A.Ramprakash , R.Rajprabu
203-206 Click Here
12 An Efficient Image Encomp Process Using LFSR
207-211 Click Here
13 Biometrics Authentication Using Raspberry Pi
212-216 Click Here
14 Free-Space Optical Networking Using the Spectrum of Visible Light
Nitin Chacko , Swapna Davies
217-224 Click Here
15 PowerReduction in Silicon Ips for Cross-IPInterconnections Using On-Ch..
M.Sankaramoorthi1 , R.Rajprabu
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