Issue 2

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1 Improve a Network Life Time by Least Troublesome Topology Repair Algor..
R. Ananthakumar , R.Sankar
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2 Experimental and Analytical Study of External Reinforced Glass Beams
A.Ananthakumar , S.Parthiban
7-11 Click Here
3 Manu’s Employee Estimating Device
12-16 Click Here
4 Implementation and Impact of LNS MAC Units in Digital Filter Application
Hari Krishna Raja .V .S
17-21 Click Here
5 A Passive Lossless Soft-Switching Snubber for Telecom Power Supplies
22-26 Click Here
6 Color Image Encryption and Decryption Using Multiple Chaotic Maps
V.Kumar , M.Yuvaraja
27-32 Click Here
7 An Efficient Data Transmission for Cluster based Wireless Sensor Netwo..
R. Karthick , A. Pugazhenthi
33-37 Click Here
8 Experimental Evaluation of Electronic Port Fuel Injection System in Fo..
Renuraman.J , Karthick.M
38-43 Click Here
9 Cascaded H-BRIDGE Converter for Domestic Applications
Pooja Jose
44-47 Click Here
10 Study of Eccentrically Braced Outrigger Frame under Seismic Exitation
R. Snehaneela , S.Karthiga
48-53 Click Here
11 Experimental Investigation of Lateral Pressure on Vertical Formwork Sy..
A.Naresh Kumar , M.Ramesh Kannan
54-58 Click Here
12 Comparative Study on NDCT with Different Shell Supporting Structures
K.Vignesh , M.Ramesh Kannan
59-63 Click Here
13 A Five – Level Integrated AC – DC Converter
D. Induja , A. Rajalakshmi
64-67 Click Here
14 Foliage Measurement Using Image Processing Techniques
Yasikka M , Santhi E
68-72 Click Here
15 Optimizing Data Confidentiality using Integrated Multi Query Services
J.Srilatha , S.Kerthy
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