Issue 1

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1 Comparative Study on Watermarking & Image Encryption for Secure Commun..
Ajna Madanan , Dr. S. Poornachandra
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2 Activity Recognition From IR Images Using Fuzzy Clustering Techniques
Savitha Suman , D. Pamela
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3 DSM Based low oversampling using SDR transmitter
Saranya.R , B.Arun
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4 Medical Algorithm for Hepatitis-B Identification Using Photo therapy
ThomaslinVeronAtheena.J , Kalaiarasi.A
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5 Modelling and Analysis of EEG Signals Based on Real Time Control for W..
Madhu Sudha.M , Kalaiarasi.A
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6 Internet-Of-Things Based Intelligent Home-centric Healthcare System
Shiny Prakash S.J , K.Sekar
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7 Improving The Performance Of Multiuser OFDM Wireless System With UWB C..
Bhuvaneshwari P , Jayanthi k
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8 Enhancing energy efficient dynamic load balanced clustering protocol u..
T.Dhivya , M.Kaliappan
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9 A Secure Cloud Storage System with Data Forwarding using Proxy Re-encr..
P. Vidhya Lakshmi , Dr. S. Sankar Ganesh
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10 Analysis of PMSG in Wind Integration using T Source Inverter with Simp..
Mahima Prasanna Nilofar.D , Krithika.SV
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11 Retrieving Informations from Satellite Images by Detecting and Removin..
T.Dhanya Priya , K.Vidhya
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12 Design And Analysis Of Low Power High Performance Single Bit Full Adder
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13 Design of Area Delay Efficient Fixed-Point LMS Adaptive Filter for EEG..
R.Kanagarathinam , R.Subhashini
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14 Analysis of low PDP using SPST in bilateral filter
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15 Enhanced Built-In Self Test for MSP 430
J.R.Nishanth , S.Kamalakannan
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