Issue 2

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1 Improving Efficiency of Security in Multi-Cloud
Prashanth.R , Sridharan.K
75-78 Click Here
2 Enhancing the Privacy Protection of the User Personalized Web Search U..
G. Shoba , R. Vinodh Kumar
79-83 Click Here
3 Efficient Design of Higher Order Variable Digital Filter for Multi Mod..
84-88 Click Here
4 Service Level Grade Using Web Ranking Framework for Web Services in Cl..
P.Thamizharasan , M.Saravanan
93-97 Click Here
5 Robust Human Emotion Analysis Using LBP, GLCM and PNN Classifier
S.Seedhana Devi , S.Jasmine Rumana , G.Jayalakshmi
98-103 Click Here
6 Effectiveness of Increased and Efficient Sine wave in PWM Architecture
P.Thangam , R.Rajesh Kanna
104-107 Click Here
7 Analysis of leakage current calculation for nanoscale MOSFET and FinFET
Kayalvizhi A , Ramya N
108-110 Click Here
8 Quality Prediction in Fingerprint Compression
T. Pavithra , P. Anu bharathy
111-115 Click Here
9 ARM Based Climate Controlled Wearable Jacket
R.Naghalakshimi , Dr. S. Jayanthy
116-119 Click Here
10 Surveillance Robot for Military Application Using ARM
Kamalesh.V , KarthickRaj.C
120-125 Click Here
11 126 Segmentation and Classification of Lung Nodule in Chest Radiograph..
Agalya A , Nirmalakumari k
126-129 Click Here
12 An Efficient System Of Electrocardiogram Data Acquisition And Analysis..
Shamsudeen Shafreen.S , Dr.C.Gowri Shankar
130-134 Click Here
13 A Secure Cloud Storage System with Data Forwarding using Proxy Re-encr..
P. Vidhya Lakshmi , Dr. S. Sankar Ganesh
135-138 Click Here
14 Certain Investigations on Security Issues in Smart Grid over Wireless ..
S.Fathima , Dr.S.Karthik
139-142 Click Here
15 Weibull Distribution Based Channel Prototype For Decrease of Rain Atte..
Shanmugaraj. G, Guruprasad. B , Sujith. S, , Yuvaraj. S
143-146 Click Here
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