Issue 2

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1 Fingerprint Based Smart Pay and Accident Alert System
PonKashmir John , S.Kavitha
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2 Space Vector of Three Phase Three level Neutral Point Clamped Quasi Z ..
K.Indhirapriyadharisini , R.Sankarganesh
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3 Area Delay Power Efficient and Implementation of Modified Square-Root ..
Ms.S.Banu priya , G.Lingeswaran
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4 Effective Feature Selection for Mining Text Data with Side-Information
Divya P , G.S. Nanda Kumar
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5 Survey on Error Control Coding Techniques
Suriya.N , S.Kamalakannan
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6 An efficient concurrent access on cloud database using secureDBAAS
G. Elakkia , S. K. Mouleeswaran
28-31 Click Here
7 EETA: Enhancing and estimating the transformation of attacks in androi..
P.Kalaiarasi, F.Merlyene Rovina , R.Sowdeeswari , A.Roshini
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8 Efficient Utility Based Infrequent Weighted Item-Set Mining
R.Priyanka , S.P. Siddique Ibrahim
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9 A New Visual Cryptography Technique for Color Images
P.G.Haritha , M.MathinaKani
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10 Smart Sensor Configuration for Security System Automation Using FPGA
M.Dhivya Bharathi , V.Meenakshi
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11 Design and Implementation of Low Cost Smart Web Sensors for Electric P..
Jayagayathri. K , R. Sathish
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12 Secure Transmission of Patient Physiological Information in Point of C..
K.Prem Kumar , Dr.S.Thilagamani
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13 Two Step Design for Personal Authentication Using Finger Vein Recognit..
N.Revathy, S.Vijayanarayanan, , R.Dilli Babu, , A.Vimal Raj
60-64 Click Here
14 Text Categorization Using Improved K Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
Femi Joseph , Nithin Ramakrishnan
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15 Dual – MPPT Control of a Photovoltaic System
J. Jesintha PrabhaJ , J. Anitha Thulasi
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