Issue 3

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1 A Survey on Approaches for Frequent Item Set Mining on Apache Hadoop
Ahilandeeswari.G , Dr. R. Manicka Chezian
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2 Security Enhancement using Trust Management in MANETs
Ms.S.Shalini , Mrs.T.Manjula , Mr.B.Anand
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3 Lung Disease Classification Using Support Vector Machine
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4 Improved Identity Based Digital Signature Scheme for Enhancing Securit..
Abinaya J , Prabakaran T.
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5 Speech Analysis and synthesis using Vocoder
Kala.A , Vanitha.S
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6 Analysis of Packet Loss Rate in Wireless Sensor Network using LEACH Pr..
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7 Implementation and Comparison of Various Filters for the Removal of Fr..
Gokilavani Chinnasamy , Vanitha S
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8 Design of Real-time Self Establish Wireless Sensor For Dynamic Network
Gowtham , Dr.P.Gnanasundari
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9 A New Captcha Protocol For Avoiding Machine Learning Attacks
Revathi.M , Dhanalakshmi.S
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10 Scene Text Detection of Curved Text Using Gradiant Vector Flow Method
Kalaivani L , S. Sudhakar Ilango
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11 Reduction of Azimuth Uncertainties in SAR Images Using Selective Resto..
Kalaivani.S , Ramesh.P.S
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12 Design of Isotropic Planar Antenna for Radio Frequency Identification
S.Abiramasundari , Dr.J.Rangarajan
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13 Attribute Based Encryption with Attribute Hiding in Cloud Storage
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14 Opportunistic Data Forwarding in Manet
Loganathan , Dr. M. Newlin Rajkumar
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15 SVAC Firewall Restriction with Security in Cloud over Virtual Environment
NasrinSulthana.M , Sujitha.G
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