Issue 2

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1 Comparative Study of Ant Colony Optimization And Gang Scheduling
Sridhar.S , Sharon priya.S
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2 Quality of service improved in WSNs using Improved Efficient Quality o..
N.Jayashri , T.Murugeshwari
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3 Collision Dynamics of Optical Dark Solitons in a Generalized Variable-..
Gifty. R , Vijayajayanthi. M , Murali. K
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4 A Survey on Virtualization Data Centers For Green Cloud Computing
C. Saranya , Dr. R. Manicka Chezian
17-22 Click Here
5 Design of an ADC using High Precision Comparator with Time Domain Offs..
P.Pavithra , G. Vairavel
23-26 Click Here
6 A Novel Resource Allocation Method For Multicasting Network Using Call..
S.Santhakumar , S.Periyasamy
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7 Flow Control Using Variable Frequency Drive In Water Treatment Process..
S.Iswarya , M.Sasireka
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8 Fuzzy Logic Controller for Four Quadrant Operation of Three Phase BLDC..
S.Venkatesh , G.Muthuram
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9 Photovoltaic Management System in Residential Areas Using Power Line C..
V.LakshmiNarasimhan , S.Divya
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10 Diode Free T-Type Five Level Neutral Point Clamped Inverter for Low Vo..
Krishna KC , M.P.Viswanathan
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11 A Security and Privacy Measure for Encrypted Cloud Database
Krithika.s.s , Neeraja.T , Nivedha.P
55-61 Click Here
12 Mitigating The Power Fluctuation Of PMSG Wind Turbine In A Microgrid B..
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13 Classification of EEG Signal for Epileptic Seizure DetectionusingEMD a..
S. Divya , S. Suja Priyadharsini
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14 Energy Saving DSR and Probabilistic Rebroadcast Mechanism are used to ..
A.Kayalvizhi , R.Karthik
75-81 Click Here
15 Anchor Point Based Data Gathering with Energy Provisioning In Wireless..
Shanthi.A.M , M.Nakkeeran
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