Issue 1

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1 Energy Efficient Maximization in OFDM Multi-User MIMO Systems
Priya.A , Abirami.T
79-84 Click Here
2 Synchronous Frame Hysteresis Controller for Three Phase UPS Based on Z..
M.Lakshmana Kumar , K.Chitra
85-89 Click Here
3 An Efficient Construction of Itinerary Planning for Multi-Users
D.Rajasekar , C.Dhanamani
90-93 Click Here
4 Optimized Inter – Landmark by DTN – FLOW Algorithm
G. Shoba , R. Maheswari
94-97 Click Here
5 Checking Performance Test for Fresh Sub Assembly Inspection Facility (..
T.Bhuvaneswari , Dr.D.Sriram Kumar
98-102 Click Here
6 A Survey Based on Fingerprint Matching System
K. Lavanya , M.Krishnamoorthi
103-107 Click Here
7 Automatic Pre-collision warning by Stress Detection and fastest Rescue..
Renu.T.R , K.Sekar
108-112 Click Here
8 Prolong Lifetime Analysis and Efficient Utilization of Energy in Heter..
Saranya.N , Geetha Ramani.J
113-118 Click Here
9 Machine Learning approach for Assisting Visually Impaired
S.Gokula Krishna , K.Sujitha
119-122 Click Here
10 Design of Two Two-Way Out-of-Phase Slotline Power Divider in C-Band
S.Sindhu mathy , D.Venkatesh
123-128 Click Here
11 Hierarchical Vertebral Body Segmentation Using Graph Cuts and Statisti..
Vijayalakshmi. J , Dr.S.Sankar Ganesh
129-133 Click Here
12 Routine Detection Of Web Application Defence Flaws
Vidhya.V , Logash Prabu.M , Kalvina.L.R
134-138 Click Here
13 Effective Area and Power Reduction for Low-Voltage CMOS Image Sensor B..
139-143 Click Here
14 A Classification of Cancer Diagnostics based on Microarray Gene Expres..
V.S. Gokkul , Dr. J. Vijay Franklin
144-148 Click Here
15 Automatic Treadmill Speed Control with Heart Rate
Greeshma.C.R , Dr.N.P.Ananthamoorthy
149-153 Click Here
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